Friday, May 9, 2008


I finally got a cable for my camera. I was looking back at pictures of Mico from the last month or so and I can't believe how much he has grown!

Easter was fun for Mico. He loved the Easter eggs. He thought they were lopsided balls, much easier to chase down and catch since they didn't roll away from him.

Mico loves to dig. He has three rather large holes in the backyard. Every once in a while we fill them in so he can redig them. He does try to dig in the front yard from time to time but we keep his holes contained to the backyard. Or at least we try. He stands and watches me pull up weeds and thinks that I am just starting holes for him.

Cortney thinks it is fun to dress him. Here she has put a purple sweater on him. He doesn't look very happy about it. But look how big he is. The white spot on his head is starting to shrink.

Kicking back in the backyard laying in the sun. One of his favorite past times.

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Anonymous said...

Wow he really has gotten really big. How cute!