Thursday, May 15, 2008

finding his place

Mico is a little over four months old now. I am thinking he is about the age of a three year old. Not quite a baby anymore but not really a big boy.

He doesn't spend the night in his kennel any longer. He sleeps with the kids or us now. He doesn't wander the house at night and will whine if he needs to go out.

He seems to be having trouble finding his own place in the house. He has a bed and will sleep in it sometimes. He likes to stretch out on the couch or on the floor. But he always seems to be looking for something, somewhere to just be.

During the day he stays in the front of the house, preferring the living room, kitchen and backyard to anywhere else.

Cortney has been sick and staying in her bed or my bed most of the day these last few days. I tried to get Mico to stay with her but he bolts for the front of the house when he gets the chance.

Yesterday Mico was tired. We had walked a long walk and he had played quite a bit. He was beat. He walked around the house whining and laying down in different spots just for a few seconds before looking for another place to lay. I finally put him in his kennel and shut the door and he gave me an almost relieved look. He instantly laid down and went into a sound sleep.

Saturday night one of the sick kids threw up all over the bed (and me). E had to take all the bedding to the Laundromat. When he got home with the still warm comforters I yelled for him to come help me with a vomiting baby. He dropped everything by the door and rushed to the bathroom to help me. Mico's warm sensors kicked right in and he buried himself in the warmth of the fresh, clean and ultra warmth of the snugly comforters.

We didn't have the heart to disturb him so we left everything there until he decided to move. Yea, he is getting more and more spoiled everyday.

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Awww what a cutie!