Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mico's week away

We left Mico with Max's family for a week while we took a trip to Utah. I was not worried about him at all. Max's parents spoil Max just as much as we spoil Mico so I knew he was in good hands.

What I was worried about was if he would remember us or even want to come home with us. He seemed happy to see us when we got there but went off to play with Max after a few minutes. Max turned 1 on the 25th so Max's mom had a little party for him. Yes, we are nerds. But it was a good excuse to spend some time together and have brownies and ice cream. Don't worry, the dogs had treats from the local dog bakery, they did not have brownies and ice cream.

Then it was time to come home. We took the dogs out front and they played a little more. We got to the car and put Mico in the front seat. He sat down and seemed happy to be going with us. I was afraid he would try to jump out or whine for Max. As we drove off he got in my lap and laid down and went to sleep. He was happy to be going home with us after all.

Max will be spending the next holiday weekend with us while his parents go camping. This arrangement is working out nicely for all of us.

I can't share pictures because Mico chewed up the cable that connects the computer to the camera. I am have a very difficult time finding a replacement.

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