Monday, February 4, 2008

growth spurt

This morning I opened Mico's kennel to let him out when he woke up from a long nights slumber. First he puts his front legs out and has a good stretch then his back legs come out for some more stretching. Wow, I could swear he grew last night. All of the sudden he looks so much bigger.

I tried to get a picture of him standing still sideways to compare with older pictures but that was impossible. Below are the pictures I ended up with. He is just too interest in playing with whatever is around him, including trying to get my camera strap.

Over the weekend, after much work on our side, he has quit biting so much. His time outs have dwindled quite a bit, we are trying to redirect him by giving him a toy when he gets riled up and that seems to be working. Growling is only allowed when he is playing with a toy. Not while we are holding him.
He has never been left alone. So, now that we are not using his bigger kennel as a time out place as much, we are attempting to get him comfortable spending time in his kennel while we are out. I have been putting him in there for short amounts of time with his toys. We are in the room and he is content playing. We are going to start leaving him in there for short amounts of time to see how he does. I am also going to start training him to go in in his kennel by himself. Sheesh, puppies are so much work, it is a good thing he is so cute!


Anonymous said...

Seems like Mico is settling right in. Good job on training him. It just takes time. You are right they are a lot of work but so worth it.

Lissette said...

So much work, but he is so cute!!! Ahhh!

Marsha said...

I swear, they do grow overnite, it's amazing. Seems like you'll see spirts on a weekly basis now. He's just too cute. You might try a 'reward' for going to the crate. Ours knows that she can't have a treat at night until she gets in her crate so she makes a dive for it. Good Luck!