Friday, February 22, 2008


Mico likes Cheetos, apparently. I am not sure how he got this bag of Cheetos but I suspect Casey left it down. I walked in the living room and there he was with a Cheetos bag stuck to his face. He wasn't whining or even trying very hard to get it off so I took a quick picture. When I took the bag off his head he did manage to snag a cheeto before I could pick them up.
I took Mico to the vet this morning for his second puppy shots. Poor guy, he cried and put up quite a fight even though two techs were holding him. He did manage to bite the tech...hee hee. It didn't break the skin but she ran in and was washing her hand and putting ice on it...lite weight. Really, she was very sweet with him.
He gained a whole pound over the last three weeks and now weighs three pounds. I know he is getting enough food now. He doesn't even sore tonight, last time we couldn't even look at him and he would squeal because he was so sore.


Anonymous said...

A HUGE word of warning - I had a co-worker who's sweet pup suffocated by trying to get to the bottom of a chip bag. Poor girl came home from work to find her pup's head in the bag, unmoving :( So many things to worry about with dogs and children!

Your little pup is a cutie!!

Chris said...

Mico is never alone more than a minute if that. When we do leave him alone he is secured in his kennel with safe toys. So, he is not in any danger. Chip bags are very rare in our house too.

Thanks for the warning.