Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mico making a new friend

While taking Mico out this morning, he discovered that there was something in the bushes that looked similiar to him, yet still so different. Of course he had to investigate because he is a puppy, and well, puppies have to investigate and lick everything within thier reach.

Luckily the cat was just as curious about Mico as Mico was about the cat. After circling each other the sufficient amount of times, they decided that there was no threat involved on either side.

So, they touched noses and sniffed each other for a few seconds before parting ways. Mico would have loved to have played with the cat but the cat, well, being a cat, turned tail and walked away.

Maybe the cat will come back to play another day...

Note: The cat's name is Tony, he is a friendly neighborhood cat. We knew he was no threat to Mico or we would not have let the contact take place.


EP said...


How old is Mico?

rosemary said...

Of course you know no cat would play wiht a puppy...beneath them!

Rattie said...

Just too cute for words!!