Friday, May 23, 2008


Mico loves to go for walks. We normally take him on two walks a day. Morning and then again later in the evening. His morning walk is usually when I walk the boys to school. He knows that when the boys put on their backpacks it is time for him to go stand by the door. He also seems to know that on the way to school we have to hurry along and don't have time to stop and sniff. On the way home he gets his chance to mark his territory.

If for some reason I can't take him he makes it difficult for me to get past the door. The he stands and whines and scratches at the door after I leave.

We also take frequent mid morning walks to the mail box or around the block. He really enjoys those too. We are trying to teach him to heal and walk with us and not ahead of us. It is an on going process and learning experience.

He is getting very good at knowing that when we stop he is to sit and wait. We still have to tell him on occasion to sit, especially when there is a lot of people around and he is excited. But most of the time he will just sit on his own.

When we get home Mico usually gets a big drink of water and takes a nap. We probably shouldn't let him get on the furniture, the dog whisperer frowns on such behaviour, but look how happy and comfy he is.

We can really tell a difference in Mico's personality when he isn't getting the exercises he needs. The walks keep him healthy and happy.


elizabeth said...

We have gotten bad about having a regular walk time. soem days we even skip it altogether. I feel horrid about this. We will have to fix it.

Tonjia said...

Pooh on the dog whisperer! my dogs say they have as much right to the furniture as we do! LOL

Mico is so cute Chris, you guys really chose a great little pup.

Anonymous said...

Awww looks like he loves his walks! Such a cutie. Oh love your daughters hair!

rosemary said...

Ya, well when the dog whisperer starts buying my dog's food then I will tell her to get off the couch. Those are great pictures...