Sunday, January 20, 2008

six weeks old

The pups have really changed this week. No more box, no more pen. The breeder is working on house training them and they are doing pretty good with it. Their fur is getting a lot thicker and they have all their puppy teeth now. They like to remind us of their teeth by chewing on our fingers, which we are no longer allowing but redirecting with a chew toy. Those little teeth are sharp, no wonder the mama dog runs from them when they are running towards her now.
Also, one of the pups ears are now standing up, the other two pups, including ours, are still down.
We were hoping to bring our pup home last night but the breeder doesn't feel that he is ready to come home yet. So, maybe tomorrow or Thursday or whenever he gives us the green light. We are anxious but would rather wait and be sure he is ready to come home. They are 99.9% weaned and would rather be on us than with each other now. They used to whine for their litter mates but now they just seem to get jealous when one is getting more attention.
We are getting closer to agreeing on a name. We still want a name with a French origin and think we have it narrowed down to two.
Today we are going to go shop for puppy supplies, just the basics, so we will be ready when the breeder gives us the green light.
I also have a video to post in the next day or so.

Helping his ears stand up

This little guys ears are already standing up.


Our pup checking out his brothers.

This little guy walked up to me and put his paws on my leg, I picked him up and he was asleep in my arms in about two seconds.

Casey has two puppies, she couldn't be happier.

He was asleep like this, he was just so comfy and happy in this position.


Anonymous said...

Awwww they are so cute. I bet you can't wait to get your lil puppy home.

Marsha said...

There is something just so very sweet about puppies. Too cute!!