Sunday, January 27, 2008

settling in

Kicking back taking one of his many, many naps.

Mico (still his name) is settling in nicely. I can't believe how much he sleeps! He loves to sleep in his crate, it is like a little cave to him. But he also enjoys sleeping on a warm body. He is such a good puppy, so happy and playful and when he gets sleepy he loves to snuggle.

This morning I took him out front to go potty. While he was sniffing around the yard and I noticed a cat under a bush watching him, wondering what he was. I moved closer to Mico to protect him, I was afraid the cat would think he was some kind of a rat and try to run off with him. Mico was oblivious to the cat.

Mico also met his brother yesterday. My friend has a Papillon that has the same mother and father as Mico. They sniffed each others noses and then ignored each other. So much for brotherly love.


Tonjia said...

Chris, Mico is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy that he is settling in.

what a beautiful boy.


Anonymous said...

Awwww glad he is settling in just fine. He sure is relaxed.

Ex-Shammickite said...

What lovely pics of Mico and his new family. Good luck with him!

rosemary said...

sweet, sweet.....puppy love and breath.

Ginger said...

He is just a little cutie!