Sunday, January 13, 2008

chosen one

We chose the one with the black face. In this picture he is about half asleep with his little tongue sticking out a bit. He is always just so relaxed when we hold him and loves to snuggle into us. He would also stay by our feet when he was on the floor and just seems to like people more that the other two. Even when we were leaving and he was in his pen he would come over and sit by where we were standing just to be close to us. He is also playful with his brothers and loves to roll around with them. So, even though he isn't home yet, we are considering him part of our family now.

We just hope the other two get a really nice home too. I asked the breeder if I could sit in when people come to look at the other two pups. We are attached to them too and want to make sure they get a good home and are taken care of. He thinks I am kidding, but I am really only half kidding.

Now to think of a name. We all have our own opinions on what to name him and no on can agree. Not much different than when we had our human babies.

I have more pics and a short video to post during the week.


annie said...

Puppy kisses!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww he looks like a good choice. Love the lil tongue.

Marsha said...

Those are some big names for such a little puppy :O)
Love the pink tongue action going on there! Just too cute.