Monday, December 31, 2007

three weeks old

The pups are three weeks old now and just getting more adorable every time we see them. They had also grown again and my favorite is no longer the biggest of the trio. Last week he was noticeably larger than the other two but they have caught up.

Their eyes are wide open now and their tiny ears are just starting to perk up. It is hard to believe that their ears are SO small as puppies and then get so large as adults. We noticed this week that their personalities are just now starting to peek out. We are really waiting to decide which one we want when we can see more of their personalities. We figure with a family our size with young kids we need a frisky dog to keep up.

The girls were much more interested in the pups than the boys. The boys all ran outside with the breeders son to play with their lite sabers. Casey couldn't wait to hold a pup.

My favorite is the one with the all black face and is stretching out in the above picture. He seems to be the most feisty so far.

This one is Cortney's favorite. He really is a cutey too. I like the white nose, he looks like a bandit. It is just so hard to choose between them. We also pay a lot of attention and love on the third pup too so don't think we leave him out.

Casey really is good with the pups. We practice being nice to animals and proper petting/holding with stuffed animals. She has come a long way from when she was two. The father of the pups came in the house and she kept carrying him outside. She was very gentle with him and he was very patient with her. A good sign on both sides, hopefully a patient father (and mother) will mean a patient pup/dog.

When it was time to leave we put them all back in the box so they could eat and nap. They started trying to play with each other. They were so uncoordinated and kept rolling over on their backs, they hated that. It was so much fun to watch and so cute. Next week they will be much better at it.

We have friends that got a pap pup from the same breeder several months ago. We found out that our pup and their pup have the same mother and father so they are brothers. We plan on getting the dogs together as soon as possible so they can bond. Then we can trade babysitting when we go on vacation.

Next week I will be sure that my camera battery is charged. I want to get pictures of the parents too.


Anonymous said...

Chris the puppies are all so cute! it will be a hard decision trying to decide which one to keep. Casey looks like she is having such a loving time with the puppies! It's really great that you keep visiting them and making yourself familiar with them and them with you. it will make the transition in taking the puppy home much easier. I'm looking forward to the daily updates, Mary jayne

Tonjia said...

awwww I can smell the puppy breath from here!! I like the one with the black face better too. Arent they jus adorable?

Your girls are going to be great with the puppies Chris.

Pat said...

awwww Chris they are all so cute. :) The one you choose will sure be a lucky pup. Casey looks like she is one happy little girl what a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Awww they are all really cute. I say get them all!! Puppies are so much fun. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Anonymous said...

do you have pictures of the parents? What type of dogs are they?