Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ten days old

  • Can you see him? After his 5:30 am feeding I was getting his bed ready so I set him on my bed. I kept a close eye on him and watched him crawl over to Casey, who is always in bed with us by this time, and snuggle up to her to get warm. They looked so cute together, both in polka-dots.

    Yesterday the pup went to the vet. He hadn't pooped in a couple of days so a procedure (enema) was done to get things started. And it worked. I think it might be the formula that is constipating him. I need to figure out a way to help things move along. With my babies I just gave them a little juice, but I don't' think that would be good for the pup. I need to do some research.
  • The vet did a little exam on the pup and gave his prognosis. The pup may live, he may not. He may need surgery to repair his lip and nose, he may not. Um, yea, that was quite helpful.
  • Last night things were a bit better, I think I got more sleep. Pup ate at 8:00 and my husband was supposed to feed him again between 10:00 and 11:00. I fell asleep at 9:00 and I woke up at midnight. All the lights in the house were still on and my husband was asleep. I woke him to see if he had fed the pup and he had not so I had to get and feed pup. Pup was still snoozing but I woke him to feed him. I don't want him going longer than four hours without eating. He ate quickly and went back to sleep but was up again at 2:00 am. I just could not get out of bed so I woke my husband to get up and feed him. Strangely enough, he got up right away! I can count on one hand how many times he got up to help me with out five human babies in the middle the night.
  • At 5:30 pup started to cry again so I got up to feed him. He gave me a scare. He was quite warm when I got him out and he wasn't as feisty as he usually is during feedings. He did eat well and he relieved himself but he just curled up in my hand. Usually he moves and squirms until I get him back to his warm bed. So, I held him close, kept him warm, petted him and talked to him for an hour. I sat him down on my bed and he started searching for a warm spot (picture above) and moving quite quickly so I put him in his bed and he rooted around and went to sleep. I started to feel better watching him move. He seemed much better at his 7:30 feeding so I am wondering if he is just starting to gain weight and doesn't feel so frantic about eating anymore.
  • I did notice during our time together, early this morning, that his nose is getting black spots on it. Also one of his ears is starting to stand up and he also getting a lot more fur. I did get a chance to get a look at the top of his mouth and it looks good to me. I didn't see any holes and it really looks perfect. I am wondering if his only problem is his lip and not his pallet. Time will tell...

    The end


Anonymous said...

Seems like he is doing okay. You are taking wonderful care of him.

Berry Patch said...

How adorable! I'll be praying he survives & thrives. Looking forward to watching his progress on here! :-)

Lisa (in ME from SHS)

Jessica said...

Oh my heavens! That has to be one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen.

I'll be checking in here and rooting for the little guy - you are doing a wonderful thing.